Don't Touch My Guitar! © W.T.Anderson Jr.

Take the sofa, chairs and table,
I'd pay the bills if I were able,
Tried to borrow from Auntie Mable,
NO! said she, so I wrote this fable.

Turned off my electric service,
Disconnected phone and shut-down furnace,
Living on the street doesn't make me nervous anymore,
Besides, life at nine to five is such an awful bore,
Working my ass off for somebody else always makes me feel like a whore!

Got no job so I got no choice,
But I got this guitar and I got this voice,
And if I make the right moves and make the right noise,
I could get a Ferrari and a Rolls Royce,
And maybe a road house in Little Rock,
I could bother the neighbors 'round the clock,
Maybe that sax playing president could hang on my block!

Cancel all my credit cards, I don't need them to be a star!
Go ahead and reposess my car, it won't take me very far!
But if you value your beating heart, don't touch my guitar!

©1997 Bill Anderson.